India's first ever hackathon for high school students exclusively!

Hackerupt started with one aim: to break away from conventional education and making education fun! Hackers are given a lot of freedom and they can build any technology product about anything related to education! 

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First place

One plus one phones, misfit flashes, endevvr mentoring, sneed vouchers, Bitcoin

2nd Place

Pebble watches, sneed vouchers, misfits flash, Bitcoins

3rd Place

Misfit shines, Bitcoins

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Anyone registered with our hackathon and is a high school student or just graduated! 


Participants need to create a technology product. Submit all code and any images of the product. 


Joy Mustafi

Joy Mustafi
Senior Data Scientist,IBM

Avinaba Basu

Avinaba Basu
Cloud Expert, IBM

Krishma Singla

Krishma Singla
Strategy Consultant -Analytics,Watson & Experience

Srikanth Iyer

Srikanth Iyer
CEO HomeLane & Venture Partner

Judging Criteria

  • Orignality and Creativity
    Is the product original and displays creative thinking?
  • Theme
    How well does the product address the “Education Innovation” theme and change the way we learn?
  • Product Vision
    Does the product have the ability to disrupt current markets?
  • Product Design
    Does the product have exceptional design attributes that would appeal to the end-user? Design is not aesthetic, but design thinking concepts.
  • Technical Achievement
    Evaluate the technical achievement the team has tackled during the event.